Handblock printed Kids Dohars & Quilts

Ideal for Indian tropical climate, our Jaipur Hand-block print cotton mulmul dohars or summer blankets are the perfect companion for your child's cozy nap.

Dohar is derived from the word Doharana which implies layered. Made of three layers , our cotton mulmul dohars are extremely airy and breathable , and gets softer after every wash. Being reversible, these can be used either ways depending on the mood of the child . Each piece is handcrafted with lots of love by some of the best artisans of Rajasthan and is produced in limited quantities .

Our Quilts are handcrafted with love, and they feature the most popular traditional crafts of Jaipur- Hand block print and hand quilting.  Available in adorable and quirky prints, these hand quilts are all set to add right amount of fun and comfort to your little one’s nursery. 

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