Muslin Flats

Muslin Flats or the traditional cloth style diaper is a new born baby / infant essential which have been used across the world to keep the babies diaper free.

Highly versatile, as they can be folded in different ways and wrapped around the baby during those diaper-free hours, and used as inserts inside pockets diaper or covers diapers. Can also be used as baby blanket , towel, swaddle cloth and uses are innumerate. Apart from cloth diapering they can also be used as inserts, burp cloths, swaddle cloth, baby towels and more!

Our Muslin Flats are made up of 100% organic muslin cotton. Gentle on baby’s skin , they get softer after every wash.

Muslin Flats are made up of double weave cloth and hence are highly absorbent.They are a boon during monsoon and winters, as they are quickest to dry.

Generously sized – 80 cm x 80 cm , so that it can used from birth to toddler-hood.

These muslin flats fits most babies till they are potty trained. Flats are one-size fits all because they can be folded and customised to a baby of any size. Double or triple up for toddlers or heavy wetters.