Our Story

Hello There !!!!

Welcome to the world of Little Canvas

Little Canvas is an attempt from a parent to make the early years of a child , a “my kind of happy space”.

In 2016 Manvi and Saurabh ,the Founders of Little Canvas welcomed their first child into this world, and like all doting parents they wanted to set up a home for their daughter which were a reflection of them as “parents” , the values they wanted to instill in their little one, and oh yes the wings they wanted to give their daughter that will let her carve her niche and soar high.

It was a STRUGGLE….

So finally in 2018 we began our journey after months of putting all our thoughts together as “Little Canvas”.

And the fun begins ……

Our products are handmade with Love. Each one weaves a story / rekindles the imagination / inspires and motivates a young ones mind in an eclectic blend of colours and styles . All are products are child and environment friendly , sustainable and proudly made in India . 

Childhood memories are the sweetest and most cherished ones, hopefully “Little Canvas “ will become a part of your little one’s journey.

Have a happy time shopping on our platform and we look forward to seeing you again hopefully with more GrandDad’s and GrandMom’s / Uncles and Aunt’s / Brothers and Sisters / Siblings and of course Friends

We would love to hear back from you words of encouragement / improvement / appreciation , please write to us at littlecanvas.in@gmail.com