Our Story

Hello There !!!!
Little Canvas is an Award winning StartUp for Indian Culture and Heritage focused dolls and craft based activity products for little ones.
Our parents and grandparents  instilled the very appreciation for our rich Indian culture that we strive to pass onto future generations through our fun and educational Indian festivals theme activity art and craft boxes , accessories and products. The gift of knowledge may last a day, but the gift of wonder lasts forever
Toys have been an integral part of our culture since the beginning of civilisation. India has a rich culture of storytelling through its toys. Our ancestors have been preserving this culture by making toys which show a perspective of life.  When you become a new parent , you also become a teacher … prepared or not.Parents in India and outside have a tough time finding culturally specific books and activities for their children ,ones that reflects their everyday lives, connects  them to their ethnic roots and identity as well as passes on the values that we grew up with, but now there’s Little Canvas.
Little Canvas is an attempt from a parent to make the early years of a child , a “my kind of happy space”, through our products we want to provide a canvas to your little one’s imagination , sparking creativity and the joy of creating something unique with their own hands for themselves their family , friends and loved ones.
  • Our products are handcrafted with Love.
  • Each one weaves a story / rekindles the imagination / nurtures creativity , inspires and motivates a young ones mind in an eclectic blend of colours and styles . 
  • They spark curiosity based learning about our Indian roots right from an early age with our immersive creative play products .
  • Now spend quality time bonding with your child with our products and also rekindle your childhood nostalgia of Indian festivals , our rich and diverse heritage and culture , Indian mythology , stories and folklore passed upon generations by our parents , grandparents , great great grandparents .
The Best Part ? Our products are child and environment friendly , sustainable and proudly made in India by local skilled artisans .
Little Canvas was founded in 2018 by Manvi , a Mom to a little one who is her chief inspiration officer . She is a passionate doer who dons multiple hats : a doting parent , a doctor , a supply chain enthusiast and a proud Indian . She loves to paint and is an avid traveller .
Childhood memories are the sweetest and most cherished ones, hopefully “Little Canvas “ will become a part of your little one’s journey.
Have a happy time shopping on our platform and we look forward to seeing you again hopefully with more GrandDad’s and GrandMom’s / Uncles and Aunt’s / Brothers and Sisters / Siblings and of course Friends
We would love to hear back from you words of encouragement / improvement / appreciation , please write to us at littlecanvas.in@gmail.com